Friday, November 9, 2007

custom furniture

wood holders
a unit designed specifically for holding wood and kindling
handle holds on the sides make collecting wood and moving the unit easy
800mm x 430mm x 320mm
custom sizes available on request

plant boxes for interior or exterior use
ideal for germinating seedlings,vegetable production or ornamental shrubs
ample holes allow for efficient drainage and handle holes allow for easy repositioning
1000mm x 240mm x 200mm
custom sizes available on request

shelving units
shelving units can be constructed to custom sizes
ideal for storage of more permanent items
price available depending on quoted size

storage cubes
cubular storage units in various sizes to fit into one another
can be arranged to form a variety of storage shelves
easy to move and transport
custom sizes available on request
450mm x 450mm x 450mm R200.00
400mm x 400mm x 400mm R180.00
350mm x 350mm x 350mm R170.00
300mm x 300mm x 300mm R150.00
250mm x 250mm x 250mm R140.00

bedside table
a bedside table featuring a cube design with ribs and two shelves
440mm x 440mm x 440mm
custom sizes available on request

two piece coffee table set with bench
bench:400mm x 1040mm x 200mm
table:500mm x 800mm x 300mm
custom sizes available on request